Joaquin Phoenix signs up to play a pimp opposite Marion Cotillard

The pair will star in James Gray's 'Low Life'

Joaquin Phoenix has signed up to play a pimp, opposite Marion Cottilard‘s prostitute.

The pair will star together in director James Gray‘s new project Low Life.

Phoenix has now returned to his profession full-time after taking on a brief career as a rapper in faux-documentary I’m Still Here. He will reunite with his Two Lovers director Gray for the new film, according to

Bourne actor Jeremy Renner is also expected to join the cast. Cottilard will play a Polish woman attempting to emigrate to the US. While sailing to Ellis Island, her sister grows ill and she is forced to trade sexual favours to keep her alive.


Warned to keep quiet about what has happened, she is given immigration papers that deem her a woman with bad morals. Vulnerable, she falls prey to Phoenix‘s character, who manipulates her onto the game in New York.

Renner‘s character would be Phoenix‘s magician brother, who falls in love with and tries to rescue her.

However, shooting will not begin until next year, after Cotillard is finished with The Dark Knight Rises. Phoenix is currently shooting an untitled project with Paul Thomas Anderson, based around a religious cult.