Joaquin Phoenix laughs for fans during surprise visit to ‘Joker’ screening

"Put on a happy face!"

Joaquin Phoenix paid a visit to a screening of his new film Joker and adopted his character’s signature laugh as the credits rolled.

The star of the Todd Phillips-directed movie – which raked in £93.5million on its debut weekend – had reportedly posed with fans at various Los Angeles cinemas. When he stopped off at a San Fernando Valley theatre on Saturday (October 5) he took things a step further by greeting fans inside the screen at the end of the film and then performing his character’s cackle at a fan’s request.

According to TMZ, the 44-year-old actor duly obliged but then abandoned his effort mid-way through saying that he couldn’t do it. He then asked the audience member to do his own version but the man couldn’t do it either.


Joker, Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Joker’

Phoenix portrays Arthur Fleck in Joker, which tells the story of a struggling stand-up comedian who snaps after a nasty turn of events. What follows is a series of atrocities committed by the mentally ill Fleck.

The DC Comics origins story is also the highest October launch on record. Its £93.5 million takings has smashed the previous record, held by 2018 thriller Venom (£64,898,800).

It’s also the fourth-largest box office opening for an R-rated movie, falling marginally short of the $100 million scored by the likes of DeadpoolDeadpool 2, and It in their opening weekends.