John Cusack responds to Disney’s female-led ‘High Fidelity’ reboot plans: “They’ll fuck it up”

TV series will reportedly reverse the lead characters' genders

John Cusack has responded to Disney’s plans for a female-led High Fidelity reboot.

Last week, it was reported that the iconic film would be turned into a new TV series, which will see the gender of the lead characters reversed.

While original screenwriter Scott Rosenberg is said to be onboard to produce the series, Cusack has taken to Twitter to raise his concerns about the project, stressing that author Nick Hornby needs to be involved for it to not “suck”.


Cusack appeared puzzled over suggestions that the small screen version would be “more upbeat”, adding that Disney “want to brand their thing with our thing” and that they will “fuck it up”.

“The woman part seems good, [but] the rest not so much,” Cusack later added. “It’s Nick’s book, [I] hope at least he’s involved. If he’s not, it’ll suck.”

See Cusack’s tweets below.


Nick Hornby’s acclaimed 1995 novel was adapted for the big screen by Stephen Frears in 2000, with John Cusack starring as lovestruck record store owner Rob Gordon.

The High Fidelity reboot will reportedly be available on Disney’s new streaming service, which is also overseeing the development of new Star Wars and Marvel shows.

Disney is also believed to be working on a reboot of the Muppets, as well as a new Monsters Inc TV show. The streaming service is expected to be a direct rival to Netflix, and will reportedly launch in 2019.