John Krasinski surprises moviegoers at ‘A Quiet Place 2’ screening

"They always say good things come to those who wait"

John Krasinski has surprised fans at an early screening of A Quiet Place Part II in Miami.

The actor, who also directed the film and its 2018 predecessor, arrived on stage at an AMC theatre to celebrate the film’s US premiere in cinemas.

“I said that I would bring out A Quiet Place Part II when we could all see it together,” Krasinski said in a video posted on his Instagram page.


“Well, guess what? It’s time, and it’s Miami. Let’s go!”

After walking out to a cheering audience, the actor announced that he will be “going around theatres all across the country, popping in like this to say: ‘Thank you’.”

“Come back to the theatres: let’s watch movies together,” he added.

A Quiet Place Part II was one of the first movie releases to be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sequel to Krasinski’s horror, which made over $340 million worldwide on a budget of under $20 million, was due for release in March 2020. However, due to cinema closures during the pandemic, it was subjected to multiple delays.


The new film will be on general release from May 28 in the US, and will reach the UK and Ireland on June 3.

Krasinski appears briefly in the new film opposite his wife Emily Blunt, who stars. Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe have also reprised their roles as Blunt and Krasinski’s children for the film. New additions to the cast include Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

While the pandemic has resulted in many blockbusters pivoting to hybrid theatrical/streaming premieres, A Quiet Place Part II will stick to a cinema-only policy for for its first 45 days before becoming available on Paramount+ in the US.