John Oliver bought Russell Crowe’s jockstrap for the last Blockbuster store in America

The item was worn while Crowe was making the film 'Cinderella Man'

John Oliver has bought Russell Crowe’s jockstrap to display in the last remaining Blockbuster store in America.

The actor recently held a “divorce auction” on what would have been he and ex-wife Danielle Spencer’s wedding anniversary. In it, he auctioned off more than 200 items, including memorabilia from his movie career.

Last night (April 15), Oliver revealed on his Last Week Tonight show that he had purchased the jockstrap Crowe wore in the film Cinderella Man. They paid $7,000 (£4,885) for the item.

The show also bought a pair of shorts and a robe from the same film, as well as a hood Crowe wore in Robin Hood, a vest from Les Miserables, and more.

Oliver discussed the threat to the last Blockbuster store on the show before revealing his purchases. Due to improving internet conditions, the shop could go the same way as the rest of the chain as locals will be able to stream movies and TV shows faster and in better quality. He then said the store could display the items as a way of encouraging people to visit and hopefully keep it open. 

“To the manager of the only remaining Blockbuster in Alaska, all of this shit is yours,” Oliver said after giving viewers a guided tour of the Crowe items. “Just call us in the next 48 hours and we will send this to you.”

Crowe currently has two films in the works according to IMDB – The True History Of The Kelly Gang, and Boy Erased.