‘John Wick 2’ officially in the works with Keanu Reeves to return

Reeves will re-team with original directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski for the sequel

A sequel to John Wick is officially in the works.

Makers Lionsgate announced yesterday (May 4) that it is producing a sequel to the hit action thriller, which starred Keanu Reeves as a former hitman who comes out of retirement after an obnoxious rich kid (Alfie Allen) kills the beagle puppy left to him by his late wife.

Since its release in the US last October and in the UK last month (April), John Wick has grossed over $78 million (£51 million) at the global box office – an impressive return from its $20 million (£13 million) budget. Read the NME review here.

Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as John Wick, with the original’s directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kolstad also returning for the sequel. Lionsgate’s Jason Constantine said in a statement: “With such tremendous fan and critical support for John Wick, we knew that there was still so much more of this story to tell. We are thrilled that Keanu, David and Chad have re-teamed with us and promise to bring audiences even more excitement the second time around.”

Alongside Reeves and Allen, John Wick also starred Michael Nyqvist, John Leguizamo, Adrianne Palicki and Ian McShane. Further casting for the sequel has yet to be confirmed.