Johnny Depp reveals ‘Lone Ranger’ make-up origins

Star reveals the inspiration behind his face paint as Tonto

Johnny Depp has revealed the inspiration behind his Tonto make-up for The Lone Ranger.

The actor will play the western hero’s Native American sidekick alongside Armie Hammer in Disney’s forthcoming blockbuster, and the first image of the pair was recently released by producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Now, Depp has opened up about his distinctive face paint, saying it is designed to reflect the character’s various emotions. He told Entertainment Weekly: “I’d actually seen a painting by an artist named Kirby Sattler, and looked at the face of this warrior and thought, ‘That’s it’’.

“The stripes down the face and across the eyes, it seemed to me like you could almost see the separate sections of the individual, if you know what I mean. There’s this very wise quarter, a very tortured and hurt section, an angry and rageful section, and a very understanding and unique side.”

Depp continued: “I saw these parts, almost like dissecting a brain, these slivers of the individual. That make-up inspired me.”

The Lone Ranger is due for release in May 2013.