Johnny Depp: ‘Somewhere, Hunter S Thompson is proud of ‘The Rum Diary’.’

Actor reckons the late writer would approve of his new film

Johnny Depp has vowed that Hunter S Thompson would be proud of The Rum Diary.

The actor befriended the late gonzo journalist after portraying him in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, and has spent years trying to get the film made. It based on a novel from the 1960s that was not published until 1998.

Directed by Withnail And I legend Bruce Robinson, the film is finally released in the UK this Friday (November 11). It received its European premiere last week, and you can watch our video from the event at the top of the page.

Speaking on the red carpet, Depp said: “[My character] Paul Kemp is basically a sliver of the personality of Hunter Thompson, this is sort of the early version of Hunter circa 1959-1960, before he found his voice, and found that avenue for all the anger, for the rage.”

He added:

It’s a film that exists because of Hunter Thompson and because of Bruce Robinson. I just happened to be there to try to move it along. The fact is we worked like dogs to get this made, and I’m proud and I think somewhere Hunter’s proud.

Amber Heard, who plays romantic interest Chenault in the film said of Depp: “It was a dream to work with him, he far surpasses my expectations, which is saying something because people expect a lot.”

She added of the film: “The Rum Diary is a wild ride . You should come with an open mind, an open heart, and perhaps a seat belt. And a drink!”Video