Johnny Depp’s Tupac/Biggie movie ‘City of Lies’ has been pulled from release

The movie is yet to have a new release date

The Tupac/Notorious B.I.G movie ‘City of Lies’, starring Johnny Depp, has been pulled from release just one month before it was due in cinemas.

Depp stars as Russell Poole, a Los Angeles Police Department detective who has spent years trying to solve the murders of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. Forest Whitaker also stars as journalist Jackson, who teams with Depp to find the truth about the rappers’ deaths.


The film was due for release on September 7th but according to THR, it has now been pulled from the schedule. Its yet to have a new release date. You can see the trailer for the film below.

The news comes after Depp experienced a host of problems in his professional and personal life. As well as his break up from former partner Amber Heard, Depp found himself in a legal battle with his former managers, revealing that almost all of his fortune was gone.

Depp’s casting as Gellert Grindelwald in The Crimes of Grindrlwald was also defended by both the upcoming film’s director David Yates and the author of the series, JK Rowling, following a backlash from fans after Depp had previously been accused assaulting his ex-wife, Heard.

Depp denied all claims of domestic violence and the pair later settled their divorce and the domestic abuse case.

Earlier this year, Depp spoke about his battle with depression that followed these personal and professional issues.


“I was as low as I believe I could have gotten..the next step [for me] was, ‘You’re going to arrive somewhere with you eyes open and you’re going to leave there with your eyes closed. I couldn’t take the pain every day.”

“I poured myself vodka in the morning and started writing until the tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t see the page anymore,” Depp said, detailing how he wrote a diary to help him whilst on tour with his band, the Hollywood Vampires.

He added: “I kept trying to figure out what I’d done to deserve this. I’d tried being kind to everyone. The truth is most important to me. And all this still happened.”