‘Joker’ is coming back to cinemas following Oscar nods

But no news on a UK re-run yet

Joker is getting a theatrical re-release after receiving 11 Oscar nominations.

From January 17, the film will play again in 750 screens across the US in order to reintroduce the film to audiences in the wake of awards buzz. There is no confirmation of a UK re-run yet.

Warner Brothers distribution head Jeff Goldstein shared the news in a press release, saying: “With the continued interest in Joker as a result of its recognition during this exciting awards seasons, we wanted to give audiences the chance to see the film on the big screen, whether for the first time or again.”


Todd Phillips’ dark comic book take has become the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, and the most profitable comic book movie ever, as well.

While reaching financial heights and earning countless nominations, the film has also generated controversy as Phillips was criticised for dismissing the film’s violence.

Joaquin Phoenix won a Golden Globe for his performance as Arthur Fleck/Joker, and is currently the frontrunner for the Oscar.

NME’s Greg Wetherall gave Joker five stars, calling it an “instant classic” and “edge-of-your-seat-stuff”.

The 92nd Academy Awards will take place on 9 February 2020.