Joseph Gordon-Levitt to direct Scarlett Johannson

The actor will also star in his behind-the-camera debut

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will make his directorial debut alongside Scarlett Johansson.

The (500) Days Of Summer star will act and direct in the new comedy, as well as writing the screenplay, according to Deadline.

Gordon-Levitt will play a “modern-day Don Juan” who spends the film trying to become “less of a selfish dick,” with Johansson as the female lead, and another principle actress expected to be announced shortly.

Of his decision to step behind the camera, the former 3rd Rock From The Sun actor said: “I was a child actor for years and quit at 19, went to school awhile, and a big part of why I came back was that ultimately I wanted to make movies.

“I spent a year working with Chris Nolan, Rian Johnson, Steven Spielberg, and I did my best to pat attention. I’ve also been making short films for a long time now, I’ve directed a ton of them, and that’s a huge part of why I feel comfortable and confident in this.”

Shooting on the film will begin on April 16. Meanwhile, Gordon-Levitt can next be seen in The Dark Knight Rises.