‘Jurassic Park’ alternate ending revealed

Storyboards from the production of the 1993 film depict a slightly different outcome

An alternate ending of Jurassic Park has been revealed.

The acclaimed 1993 sci-fi film, which was directed by Steven Spielberg, imagined the creation of a wildlife park filled with cloned dinosaurs on an islet located off the coast of Costa Rica in central America. The film starred Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and the late Richard Attenborough.

The plot of Jurassic Park concludes with – 24-year-old spoiler alert – Ellie (played by Laura Dern), Grant (Neill) and their kids escaping the park with Hammond (Attenborough) – although not before they are saved for their doom by the fortuitous arrival of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, who kills the velociraptors who have cornered the protagonists.

However, visual effects supervisor (credited in the film as ‘Dinosaur Supervisor’) Phil Tippett’s Jurassic Park Early Sequence Storyboards – which have recently been uncovered by Gizmodo – depict a different ending entirely.

Grant and the children initially escape in the Jeep before a fallen tree blocks their route, forcing them to move on foot. The T-Rex is then shown to be pursuing the group, who just about make it to their escape helicopter just before the dinosaurs has the chance to kill them.

See the storyboards – which were recently purchased at auction – below.

The discovery of these storyboards is the second alternate ending to Jurassic Park to have been revealed – another conclusion of the film was made public in the extras feature of the film’s DVD. Watch that alternate ending below.