Justice League could lose $100m at the box office


Last week, Justice League hit cinemas across the world and received a decidedly lukewarm reaction from critics and fans alike.

Now, it seems that the reaction has extended itself to the box office too, after new reports claimed that the superhero epic could lose a staggering $50-$100 million for Warner Bros.

According to Forbes, the huge loss is calculated after factoring in a marketing budget of $150 marketing budget.


Former studio executive Rob Cain, who is responsible for the bold projection, also claims that the film’s theatrical run will end at about $635 million worldwide, which would subsequently make it the least successful of the films in the DCEU so far.

On its opening weekend, Justice League made approximately $94 million in U.S. cinemas — falling short of the $110 million estimates— and took $185.5 million internationally.

Earlier this week, fans began campaigning for for the release of Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Justice League, with a petition attracting over 98,000 signatures.

Writing on Change.org, Roberto Mata claimed that Whedon’s reshoots “did Snyder a disservice” and that his work in post-production “butchered Snyder’s original cut.”
Earlier this month, Whedon upset Justice League fans after he appeared to like a tweet that described the movie’s chief antagonist as “the worst comic book villain of all time”.