New ‘Justice League’ trailer welcomes a mysterious, new hero

Alfred greets a mysterious new member of the team.

The latest trailer for Justice League premiered at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday (July 22) and gives a glimpse into the battle Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg face.

Set a few months after Batman v Superman, Justice League follows Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) who become aware of the alien threat posed by the forces of Darkseid and Steppenwolf.

They gather a team to fight back – The Flash (Ezra Miller), Arthur “Aquaman” Curry (Jason Momoa) and Victor Stone (Ray Fisher), whose lifesaving technological enhancement turn him into Cyborg. You can see the latest trailer below.

More notably, there’s some juicy footage at the end of the new trailer as Alfred welcomes a mysterious hero.

Earlier in the trailer around the 1:41 mark, Batman is looking at a hero with a red cape which seems to be a hologram of some sort – whether it’s Superman or Supergirl is yet to be confirmed.

Later, Alfred greets the mystery guest. “He said you’d come,” he says to the unseen person. “Let’s hope it’s not too late.”

There seems to be a red cape in the foreground but also a green reflection in his glasses which has prompted rumours that the Green Lantern may be joining Justice League.

Justice League new trailer

Notice the green reflection in Alfred’s glasses

Meanwhile, Ezra Miller also teased what to expect from The Flash and hailed the character as “endearing”.

“He’s this really endearing, altruistic nerd”, he said. “He’s the 13-year-old Metallica fan, and Metallica says ‘We lost our drummer in a freak accident. We need you to play drums, bro!’ I don’t even have drumsticks!”