Karen Gillan: ‘I cried filming my last episode of Dr Who’

Actress says she couldn't 'hold it together' shooting her final scene

Dr Who actress Karen Gillan has revealed she “cried at anything” while shooting her final series of the BBC sci-fi programme.

The Scottish actress will star in her last ever episode of Dr Who this coming Saturday (September 29) and has talked about filming her “emotional” final scenes in an interview with The Independent.

She told the newspaper: “I didn’t hold it together for the full two weeks that we were shooting that episode – I was crying at anything – not even sad things. So when it came to shoot the final scenes, everything that’s on screen is real!”

Gillan also said she approached Dr Who executive producer Steve Moffat during the filming of her second series in 2010, and told him that she wanted to plan her exit.

She explained: “I honestly wanted to go on my gut instinct with the whole leaving thing, and I just had a rough idea of when would be a good time for me to go cos I wanted to go on a high. I didn’t want to stay in it too long and outstay my welcome. And I wanted to take the character as far as possible before it started getting a little tired.”

Gillan and Moffat then went out for a meal to discuss her departure from the hit sci-fi show and came to a mutual agreement “which was lovely,” she adds, “cos then I didn’t have to sit through an awful meeting where I’m getting told I’m going.”