Keanu Reeves, Seth Rogen to star in Aziz Ansari’s ‘Good Fortune’

Ansari will write, direct and co-star in the comedy film

Keanu Reeves and Seth Rogen have been tapped to star in an upcoming comedy film from Aziz Ansari.

Announced via the Hollywood Reporter, the film, titled Good Fortune, is set to begin filming next month (May) with plot details currently unknown. Good Fortune is being written and directed by Aziz Ansari, who is best known for the Netflix series Master of None.

Ansari will also co-star in the film, though the extent of his role is currently unknown.


Good Fortune will be distributed by Lionsgate Films, with studio head Joe Drake saying in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter: “We have indeed found good fortune with this film. We love the script and believe strongly in Aziz as both a performer and a director. And when you add in Seth and Keanu — two incredible world-class talents — toplining alongside Aziz, this has the potential to be a very special film for us. We moved quickly to land this project once it was available.”

Reeves most recently starred in John Wick: Chapter 4, also backed by Lionsgate Films. The film received a four-star review from NME‘s Jesse Hassenger, who wrote: “Chapter 4 doesn’t exude the wheel-spinning cynicism of a forever franchise. [Director Chad] Stahelski may traffic in excess, but at least he understands it: how choreography, performance and style can make over-the-top spectacle cohere into pleasurably overwhelming action fizz, rather than congealing into a sweaty special effects overload. He also gets that after 169 minutes, some degree of closure is appreciated. There may well be a John Wick: Chapter 5, but Chapter 4 still feels like a movie giving its all.”

Rogen, on the other hand, voices Donkey Kong in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is currently screening in cinemas worldwide. Nick Levine wrote in a two-star review of the animated film for NME: “Clearly, adapting the best-selling video game franchise of all-time into an equally ingenious movie is a tall order. The one previous attempt, a 1993 live-action film starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo, was a box office flop that has since built a bit of a cult following. This one seems destined for the opposite fate: it’s faithful enough to tempt existing fans to the cinema, but too perfunctory to be pored over. Is the Mario movie super? To paraphrase one of the title character’s catchphrases, it’s-a mediocre.”

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