‘Keith Lemon: The Film’ gets 0% approval rating from cinema critics

But it's more popular with movie-goers, receiving a 13% approval rating so far

Keith Lemon: The Film has received a universal thumbs-down from professional reviewers.

Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known website that aggregates movie reviews, has collected nine assessments of the film so far. Of those nine reviews, a total of nine are negative, meaning the film currently has a “0% fresh” rating.

The review sources range from Hollywood journal Variety, which brands the film “execrable”, to Britain’s Daily Telegraph, whose critic concludes that it “may be the most staggeringly perfunctory piece of filmmaking I have ever seen”. A write-up in The Daily Express is especially terse, calling the movie “childish, lewd, coarse and mindnumbingly boring.”

However, Keith Lemon: The Film is proving more popular with movie-goers. Based on 794 user ratings, as of this morning (August 31), it has a “13% fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Keith Lemon: The Film follows the fictional title character, portrayed by Leigh Francis, as he moves from Leeds to London, becomes an overnight billionaire and begins a relationship with Kelly Brook. The movie features cameos from a raft of celebrities, including Peter Andre, Chris Moyles, Fearne Cotton, Jedward and David Hasselhoff. Watch the trailer at the top of the page.Video