Kevin Bacon claims ‘X-Men: First Class’ will appeal to non-geeks

Bacon plays the villain in the new mutant prequel

X-Men: First Class star Kevin Bacon claims the movie will appeal to non-comic-book fans.

The veteran actor plays the villain Sebastian Shaw in the new Matthew Vaughn-directed prequel, which is released today (June 1).

The film takes place in the 1960s and traces the emergence of mutants into society, led by future enemies Xavier and Magneto. Bacon reckons the setting and premise add realism to the movie. You can watch the interview by clicking above.

Bacon said: “I think it’s a very emotional film, it’s very grounded in real interplay between people. It’s not very cartoonish at all, even in the way that it looks and feels. It’s really well-shot, well-written and well-acted, and I’d like to believe that people who are not comic-book fans will really enjoy it just for the film’s sake because I think it’s just a really compelling movie.”


Describing what attracted him to his own character, Bacon added: “I knew pretty early on that Matthew didn’t want to do a kind of moustache-twirling villain, so that made it more important, more interesting to me.

“I like the idea that he doesn’t physically morph himself, but the way he reacts to different people, whoever he happens to be dealing with is subtle and manipulative, and it’s almost kind of a metaphor for his mutant power, which is he takes whatever energy he’s feeling from someone and uses it against them.”

X-Men: First Class co-stars James Macavoy and Michael Fassbender, with support from Nicholas Hoult and January Jones.Video