Kevin Hart pitches a remake of ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ following ‘Jumanji’ reboot

The internet is not going to like this

In a move that will probably upset the entire internet, comedian Kevin Hart has pitched a potential scenario where he rebooted another Robin Williams classic, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’.

Hart is currently on the promotional tour for the ‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ standalone sequel alongside Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black.

The movie is rebooted sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams original which will pay tribute to the actor that passed back in 2014. Instead of a board game, this version of Jumanji is set inside a video game.


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Speaking in an interview, Kevin Hart was asked what other 90’s classic the actor would want to rework for the modern day: “I’ll stay on the Robin Williams train and say that if I could jump into ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’,” he told CinemaBlend.

“That was a very amazing performance on both ends for him. I think that’s one I’d love to get to play in.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ below.

Back in September, Kevin Hart posted a candid social media message confessing that he made a “bad error in judgement” which recently led to an undisclosed individual making an extortion attempt against him.


In an Instagram video, Hart said that, though he had never claimed to be perfect, he had recently put himself “in an environment where only bad things would happen”.