Kevin Hart could still return as Oscars host after quitting over homophobic tweets

"There has been a steady stream of buzz that things might work out."

Kevin Hart could reportedly return as the host of the Academy Awards for 2019, only a month after he left the prestigious gig.

The American comedian stood down and offered an apology in December 2018, after homophobic tweets resurfaced online. In one, he called out another Twitter user and referred to them as a “fat f*g.” In another, he said he would not allow his son to play with a doll’s house because “that’s gay.”

However, People now claims that his apology has been seen by the Academy as an opportunity to bring him back into the fold ahead of  February’s ceremony.

“There has been a steady stream of buzz that things might work out between Kevin and the Academy,” a source explained.

“The Academy never really axed him — they wanted him to apologize — he wouldn’t, and then he was the one to drop out.”

The source also explained how his decision left “a lot of people at the Academy scratching their heads” because he had already offered an apology.

“Everyone has noticed that it’s not like the Academy just pivoted to someone else; Kevin is clearly well aware that the job is still wide open. But meanwhile, he has needed to do his own clean-up work in terms of his image after all of this,” the source added.

Although nothing is yet confirmed, Ellen DeGeneres recently revealed that she had an “incredible and honest” conversation with Hart about the controversy. He also faces an upcoming appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“It all hinges on how well he does these apologies,” they added.

“In the end, if the shows are good, it’s pretty much his to take again, if he wants it.”

In the wake of Hart’s resignation, it was previously claimed that the Oscars could instead opt for no host at all – instead relying on a revolving bill of presenters and guests.