Kevin Smith announces plans to make ‘Clerks III’

But he says this will be his final film as writer-director

Kevin Smith has announced that he is planning to make Clerks III.

In bittersweet news for fans, the sequel will be his final movie as writer-director. Smith had been intending to bow out of film-making with a hockey comedy called Hit Somebody, based on the Warren Zevon track ‘Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song). However, that project has now been re-imagined as a TV mini-series.

Smith took to Twitter to unveil his plans, posting the following message:

Responding to questions from his followers, Smith went on to reveal that he already has a “70 page outline for Clerks III“, and predicted that “transitioning to [a] full script won’t take long”. He also confirmed that the new movie will be shot in black and white like the original Clerks.

Released in 1994, Clerks was a quirky comedy about a pair of shop assistants played by Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran. Smith’s film is now considered a cult classic and he also wrote and directed the popular sequel, Clerks II, which came out in 2006.