Kevin Smith wants ‘Clerks III’ to be a book before a movie

He wants to release the book piece-by-piece so the audience can influence its direction

Kevin Smith has revealed that he wants to release Clerks III in book form before it becomes a feature film.

The writer-director originally envisioned Clerks III as a Broadway musical, before changing his mind and deciding to make another movie. Now he appears to have revised his plans again.

During an interview on YouTube TV show What’s Trending, he revealed: “I want to do Clerks III as a book first…. [that way] I get to go inside the characters’ heads. I get to tell year one origin stories.”

Continuing, Smith explained that the book would be released piece-by-piece – in what he called “episodic chapters”. He said: “If I’m doing it in pieces, the audience is going to influence it. My entire career has been about audience interactivity. For me to write it episodically, and have them read it chapter by chapter and then pipe in, it could actually allow me to change direction.”

However, Smith insisted that he remains committed to the idea of a third movie eventually. He explained: “A film would be the ultimate expression of what Clerks III is meant to be. But if I’m working on this kind of book version of it, the inner life of the mind of the characters and what not, I think it will be fun to be influenced by the audience every step of the way.”

Released in 1994, Clerks was a quirky comedy about a pair of shop assistants played by Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran. Smith’s film is now considered a cult classic and he also wrote and directed the popular sequel, Clerks II, which came out in 2006.