Kevin Spacey stalker gets four-year prison sentence

Linda Culkin carried out a "persistent and malevolent" campaign of threats

A woman who stalked House of Cards star Kevin Spacey has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Linda Culkin’s actions were described in court as “persistent and malevolent”. She pleaded guilty to charges including sending false information regarding explosives.

Reporting on the court proceedings in Boston, the BBC has revealed 55-year-old Culkin had threatened to physically harm the actor.

When Culkin was arrested in January 2012, police searched her home and found images of Spacey with his eyes blacked out and copies of a page bearing the title, ‘Killing Kevin Spacey’.

Apologising to him for her actions Culkin said: “I have some mental health issues. I was overzealous. I cop to that. I fully apologise to him. I didn’t mean it to be so harsh.”

The judge orderd Culkin to pay $124,000 (£75,000) in damages to Spacey to reimburse him for the cost of hiring bodyguards during her two-year campaign of harassment.

Spacey has won two Oscars for his roles in The Usual Suspects and American Beauty. The Anglophile actor has been the creative director of London’s Old Vic theatre since 2004. He is due to step down from the role next year.

He will be seen next on the big screen in the comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2.