‘Kick-Ass’ director Matthew Vaughn to work with Mark Millar once more

Vaughn has acquired the rights to 'Superior' and 'The Secret Service'

Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is set to work with writer Mark Millar once again.

Scottish comics writer Millar wrote Kick-Ass, which the pair brought to the big screen to great success last year. Now, Vaughn has acquired the rights to his two newest properties, Superior and The Secret Service, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Few details are known about the latter-title, but Vaughn is credited as co-creator alongside Millar and Watchmen legend Dave Gibbons. Superior concerns a comics-obsessed teenager with multiple sclerosis who is given the chance to become a superhero – of course, at a heavy cost.

Millar’s other title Nemesis, about a super-villain, is also being prepped for a big-screen adaptation, although Kick-Ass 2 is not yet in production.

Talking about the recent success of comic book movies, Millar told The Guardian earlier this year:

Really, in novels there’s nothing that exciting happening. Harry Potter was a lovely children’s thing that filled the imagination. But generally novels are about someone’s midlife crisis; how they can’t get a boyfriend, or whatever.

He continued: “Popular novels don’t have a lot of ideas. Whereas comics tend to have about 20 great ideas in every issue. So if you buy a comic-book concept it tends to have the legs to be a big movie franchise. What’s amazing is there’s been about 30 made in the last 10 years and almost all of them have made a lot of money.”

Vaughn achieved huge Hollywood success this year with X-Men: First Class.