Kiefer Sutherland: ”24′ movie script nearly ready’

Actor says Jack Bauer is almost ready for the big screen

Kiefer Sutherland has said the script for the long-awaited 24 film is almost ready.

The actor, who played the show’s hero Jack Bauer for eight series, suggested that once the script is sorted, shooting the film wouldn’t be a problem.

“We are coming very close to having a finished script. That’s been the most difficult thing,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

He added:

You have to remember that we have 24 hours to explain the stories in 24 and so trying to condense that into a two-hour film version has been a real shift in gear for us.

Sutherland, who can currently be seen alongside Kirsten Dunst in Lars von Trier‘s apocalyptic Melancholia, also said: “We were originally trying to make it too big and put too much into it.

“Once we relaxed, we found out how to tell that story. So, yes, we definitely do plan on making the film.”

In an interview at Bafta in 2010, Sutherland stated the 24 movie would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour period.

A big-screen version of the hit Fox series has been talked about for years. Producers had aimed to fill the two-year break between series six and seven with a feature film, but instead opted for the TV-only special 24: Redemption, which co-starred Robert Carlyle as an old friend of Jack’s working in Africa.

24 bowed out after eight series in May 2010.