Kirsten Dunst speaks up for Lars von Trier after ‘Nazi’ comments

'Melancholia' actress says shamed director "is still my friend"

Kirsten Dunst has spoken up for Lars von Trier, saying the shamed director is still her friend.

Von Trier was banned from the Cannes Film Festival after making apparently pro-Nazi comments at the press conference for his film Melancholia.

Now Dunst, who stars as Justine in the film, has said that he wouldn’t have intended the words the way they came out.

She told the Evening Standard: “He says dumb stuff sometimes but not anything I had ever been offended by. It just came out wrong, that’s not Lars at all.


“He was trying to make people laugh by telling the story of his life but it was not the right audience for it. He doesn’t speak English that often, he’s been in Denmark for a long time. It just doesn’t translate well.”

Dunst added: “I was upset, shocked and angry but, at the end of the day, he is still my friend.”

Von Trier has since apologised twice for his comments, calling them “unintelligent, ambiguous and needlessly hurtful”.