‘Kong: Skull Island’ director goes on massive Twitter rant after criticism of film

CinemaSins video picked out 146 "sins" from the movie

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has responded to criticism of the film with a flurry of tweets.

The King Kong film was released in March and received mixed reviews from critics. NME‘s Nick Levine praised its “supersized thrills” but noted “some silly moments” in it.

This week YouTube channel CinemaSins released a video in which it dissected all the supposed flaws in the movie, picking out 146 sins in total.

Responding via Twitter, director Vogt-Roberts wrote that he didn’t “want to be a cynical fuck myself” but opined that the video “reeks of failed filmmaker taking his issues out on other people’s work”.

“Things like Cinema Sins simply suck the life blood of other people and are often just wrong about intent or how cinema works,” he added, going on to compare the content of the video to Trump’s speeches.

“It’s like when Trump lies on camera just because he can. It’s infuriating and there are people out there who listen to him & Cinema Sins.”

Vogt-Roberts went on to claim that he wasn’t “mad or hurt” by the video and hadn’t watched the entire thing. “Maybe I’ll return to this and watch their entire video if it doesn’t make me hammer a nail through my dick and point out more errors.”

See some of his tweets below.

Cinema Sins has since responded, albeit indirectly, tweeting: “Hey, everyone! I stepped away from the computer for a few hours to run errands and stuff. Did I miss anything?”

Prior to Kong: Skull Island, Vogt-Roberts had the films The Kings of Summer and Nick Offerman: American Ham. He is also working on an upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie.