Kristen Stewart comments on ‘boring’ racial diversity incorrectly reported

Actress was offering critique of gender equality discussion, not race, in Variety interview

Comments about racial diversity in Hollywod being “boring” were incorrectly attributed to Kristen Stewart by a US publication.

Variety has been forced to issue a correction after publishing a video interview with Stewart in which she said that she’s found the recent discussion about gender equality in the film industry to be “boring”. An incorrect headline implied that she had made this comment about the lack of racial diversity in Hollywood.

Speaking about gender inequality, Stewart urged women to be proactive in their efforts at breaking the monopoly men hold in the industry: “Instead of sitting around complaining about that, do something,” she said. “Go write something, go do something for yourself.


“And that’s easy to say. Fuck, it’s hard to get movies made. It’s a huge luxury, like who gets to just make movies? But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now and it’s boring.”

Variety corrected their mistake in the headline of the online video, which did not originally include the question she was asked among the footage.

The statement read: “Comments made in a videotaped interview Monday with actress Kristen Stewart about gender equality in Hollywood were erroneously labelled on in a way that suggested she was addressing issues pertaining to diversity. Variety regrets the error and apologises for any confusion.

“The error was the result of an edit to the web page in which the video was presented without seeing the specific question Stewart was answering.”

Stewart was speaking at the Sundance Film Festival where she was promoting new film Certain Women, directed by Kelly Reichardt.

Last year Stewart said that she would be “kind of fascinated” by a future reboot of Twilight.


The actress made her name playing Bella Swann in the original 2008 Twilight movie and reprised the role in four sequels released every year until 2012.