Kristen Stewart on ‘Twilight – Breaking Dawn 2’: ‘People should leave Bella alone now’ – watch

Actress says it's time to let her character 'be happy' – and not go on any more adventures

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has seemingly dismissed the idea that she could ever reprise her role as Bella Swan in the future.

In a video interview on NME.COM, which you can watch by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking, Stewart said it was time for people to leave the character alone and “let her be happy”.

Speaking about her thoughts on her final film and saying goodbye to the teenage vampire, she said:

It would have been excruciating not to finish her story, but it comes to such a satisfying close that I think, ‘God, leave her alone. Let’s just let her be happy now.’

Stewart also discussed the evolution of her character over the series of films, adding: “There’s not so much inner turmoil going on anymore. She’s a really realised, very grown up version of who you’ve seen throughout.”

The final instalment in the Twilight saga, titled Breaking Dawn – Part 2, got its UK premier earlier this week (November 14) and finally opened to the public last night (November 16). Last month, it was reported that the makers of Twilight are already hatching plans for a film or TV spin-off. This would not feature Pattinson and Stewart, but “merely [be] set in the same world as the one in the movies”.