Students in China have perfectly recreated the opening scene from ‘La La Land’

True classroom choreography

Students at a Chinese high school have perfectly recreated one of the most iconic moments from La La Land.

Students at Xiamen Foreign Language School in Fujian, China, recorded their own version of ‘Another Day Of Sun’ from the musical’s opening sequence in their school grounds, complete with dance routines and lyric adjustments to match the new setting.

Where the original sees a woman jump out of her car on the LA freeway to sing of the “Technicolor world made out of music and machine”, the recreation opens in the classroom, with a daydream student getting distracted from the “simple colour world made out of paper and the ink”.


Two members of the school’s alumni, the film students Jiang Ruiyang and Teng Yifei, co-directed the video, which you can watch below.

The Damien Chazelle directed La La Land picked up six Academy Awards, including Best Original Score, after its release in December 2016. The movie starred Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in the leading roles of Mia and Sebastian.

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This is not the first time the Oscar winning film has been recreated by student fans. In April, one teenager in Arizona also used ‘Another Day Of Sun’ to invite Emma Stone to be his prom date, complete with the promise of an Olive Garden dinner.

Earlier this month, Stone and Gosling appeared on Saturday Night Live together for a La La Land reunion.

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