Lars von Trier admits ‘Nazi’ comments were ‘completely stupid’

Danish director vows to continue making movies after gaffe at Cannes Film Festival

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier has admitted his comments about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler at the Cannes Film Festival were “completely and absolutely stupid”.

The director was kicked out of the event earlier this week after he claimed that he is ‘a Nazi‘ and appeared to sympathise with Hitler.

Organisers labelled him ‘persona non grata’ at the festival after he made the comments at a press conference promoting his new film Melancholia.

Speaking to BBC News about the ban, von Trier said he would “never do another press conference again”.

“I am sorry for my own sake and I am sorry if I have hurt anyone, that was not my intention at all. It was completely and absolutely stupid,” he remarked.

“I was carried away. I thought I was sitting with my friends talking, and then suddenly I was talking to the world.”

Von Trier added that he hoped organisers might overturn his ban from the festival eventually.

He also confirmed that he will continue making films, with his next project the The Nymphomaniac thought to be in pre-production.

Lars Von Trier won the Palme D’Or, the top prize of the Cannes Film Festival, in 2000 with Dancer In The Dark featuring Bjork.