Demonstrators in Lebanon have turned the Joker into a symbol of protest

Protesters have been painting their faces in the style of the villain recently portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix

A number of protesters in Beirut have adopted the Joker as a symbol of protest as demonstrations against the Lebanese government continue.

Demonstrators are demanding that the government be held accountable for the country’s ongoing financial crisis, with a series of austerity measures issued last Thursday (October 17) causing outrage and sparking protests in numerous cities and towns across Lebanon.

As reports, some of those who have joined the demonstrations in the capital Beirut have been painting their face or donning masks to look like Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the villainous character from the recent DC and Warner Bros.-produced movie.


You can see a selection of Joker-themed images from the Beirut protests below.


In other Joker news, the flight of steps which provided the backdrop to one of Joker‘s most memorable scenes has quickly become a popular tourist attraction among fans of the movie.

The steps, which are located at 167th Street in the Bronx borough of New York City, have attracted a host of tourists already, with some dressing up as Phoenix’s version of the character in an effort to recreate the scene.

Joker director Todd Phillips recently said that he will never release deleted scenes or an extended cut of the film.