Legendary Hollywood movie trailer narrator Hal Douglas dies aged 89

Douglas passes away after suffering complications from pancreatic cancer

Hal Douglas, the legendary Hollywood movie trailer narrator, has died aged 89.

Douglas, whose voice became well-known to cinema-goers across the world due to his work on trailers for films including The Rock, Forrest Gump and Philadelphia, passed away yesterday (March 13) as a result of complications from pancreatic cancer.

His daughter Sarah told the New York Times that he had died at his home in Virginia. Douglas also had a wife, Ruth Francis Douglas, and two sons, Jeremy and Jon. Born in 1924 in Connecticut, he first trained as a pilot and served in the US navy in World War II before turning his attentions to acting, initially working as a radio actor and later embracing voiceover work.

Douglas, who made a rare on-screen appearance in Jerry Seinfeld’s 2002 documentary Comedian, was considered one of the elite voiceover artists in the film and TV world. Marice Tobias, a consultant and voice coach to numerous high-profile actors, told the New York Times: “When you go past superstar status, you reach icon status in this business, where people know you by one name only. That was Hal.”

In 2013, meanwhile, Casimir Nozkowski directed a short film about Douglas’s career titled A Great Voice. You can watch a clip from the film, featuring an interview with Douglas, by clicking below.