Watch The Lego Movie 2 trailer mock Henry Cavill’s moustache woes

It also tackles gender bias.

The Lego Movie 2 trailer dropped today and all is not well.

The teaser shows Bricksburg five years after it turned into a ‘Mad Max’ style wasteland following ‘the horrific events of Taco Tuesday’.

We see Emmet (Chris Pratt) and partner Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) survey the scene as they attempt to protect the city from Lego Duplo invaders.


The trailer shows an image of Batman (Will Arnett) wearing a moustache sticker, which seemingly mocks the headache that was Henry Cavill‘s facial hair in ‘Justice League’.

The Superman actor grew a beard and moustache especially for his role in ‘Mission Impossible 6’ and  when called for reshoots for ‘Justice League’ – which were shooting at the same time as ‘Mission Impossible’ – Paramount wouldn’t allow him to get rid of his facial hair.

So ‘Justice League’ had to digitally remove it in post production.

Earlier this year, when the ‘tache was finally gone, Cavill mourned the loss of it on Instagram.


When an invader from outer space asks for their ‘fiercest leader’ and Wyldstyle presents Emmet, the alien is puzzled, saying, ‘This guy?’


‘Well, technically, I did the warrior stuff…’ Wyldstyle responds, before the alien cuts in with: ‘So, you fought and masterbuilt and then the hapless male was the leader?’

Many fans were miffed at the first movie’s representation of females, after Wyldstyle does all the work but Emmet is ultimately seen as the hero.

The movie’s producers (Dan Lin and Chris McKaypreviously revealed in an interview that the sequel would tackle gender issues, and said the first one was told from the perspective of eight year old Finn, and was a representation of how gender bias is instilled in children from a young age.

The Lego Movie 2 hits cinemas February 8, 2019.