Leonardo DiCaprio named Hollywood’s top earner

'Inception' star took $77m last year

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

The actor, who hit the A-list with Titanic in 1997, is said to have made a tidy $77m (£47m) from May 2010 to May 2011, with the double hitter of Christopher Nolan‘s Inception and Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island.

DiCaprio‘s wealth is said to have been accrued not just from sizeable upfront fees, but also from a share of the profits. With Inception taking $825m (£507m) from an estimated budget of $160m (£98m), and Shutter Island bringing in $294m (£181m) from an $80m (£49m) production, that’s a pretty smooth move from the former child star.

In the annual list compiled by Forbes, DiCaprio has displaced Johnny Depp at the top. Captain Jack, however, did bring home a very healthy $75m (£46m).

Also on the list, see below, in third place is Adam Sandler. The comic actor routinely figures in the most bankable list, purely because his films cost relatively little and his fanbase assures a profit.

Due to the success of Toy Story 3, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen also make the Top 10.

The full list
1. Leonardo DiCaprio – $77m (£47m)
2. Johnny Depp – $75m (£46m)
3. Adam Sandler – $40m (£24m)
4. Will Smith – $36m (£22m)
5. Tom Hanks – $35m (£22m)
6. Ben Stiller – $34m (£21m)
7. Robert Downey Jr. – $31m (£20m)
8. Mark Wahlberg – $28m (£17m)
9= Tim Allen – $22mi (£14m)
9= Tom Cruise – $22m (£14m)

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