Liam Neeson ‘to return for ‘Taken 3′ in $20 million deal’

Neeson had previously predicted that 'Taken 2' would be 'the end' of the action saga

Liam Neeson is reportedly about to sign up for a third Taken film.

When Taken 2 was released last October (2012), Neeson predicted it would be “the end” of the action saga, but 20th Century Fox have apparently managed to change his mind. According to Deadline, the actor is “closing a deal” now and will receive a handsome pay cheque of around $20 million (£13 million).

Released in 2008, the original Taken starred Neeson as Bryan Mills, a former CIA operative whose daughter is kidnapped by human traffickers. The film was a surprise smash at the box office, grossing over $226 million (£146 million) at cinemas worldwide, and reinventing Neeson as an action star.

Taken 2 was released last October 5 (2012) and saw the roles reversed, with Neeson’s character kidnapped and his daughter Kim – played by Maggie Grace – mounting a rescue mission. It proved even more popular than its predecessor, grossing over $376 million (£243 million) globally.

Filming on Taken 3 is due to begin next February (2014), Deadline reports, and 20th Century Fox will now turn to negotiating deals with Grace and Famke Janssen, who co-starred in the first two films as Lenore, the wife of Neeson’s character. At present, there is no director on board but Taken 3 apparently has a script “well in the works” from Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, who also teamed up to write Taken and Taken 2.