Liam Neeson vows to ‘finish this’ in the first trailer for ‘Tak3n’ – watch

Vigilante Bryan Mills brings his 'particular set of skills' to cinemas January 8

Liam Neeson goes on the run once more, vowing to “finish this” in the first trailer for the action franchise finale Tak3n.

Written by Luc Besson and directed by Olivier Megaton, vigilante Bryan Mills will bring his “particular set of skills” to cinemas on January 8.

The official synopsis has revealed that ex-covert operative Mills finds himself in the firing line once more when his reunion with his ex-wife (played by Famke Janssen) is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered.

“Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his ‘particular set of skills’ to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now – his daughter (Maggie Grace).”

In the trailer, Forest Whitaker’s cop is tracking Mills and warns his team: “At 21 he joins the army. At 23 he joins the special forces. He’s a trained sniper. An explosives expert. No discharge record No service record. Nothing. This guy knows how to disappear…”

Neeson has confirmed that the third instalment of the Taken franchise will be the last and recenty joked: “If my daughter was ‘taken’ again on a trip, Bryan Mills would have to be certifiably locked up for bad parenting.”

As reported, Neeson will make a cameo appearance in Seth MacFarlane’s comedy sequel Ted 2.

His latest film A Walk Among the Tombstones is in cinemas now. Neeson plays an ex-cop turned private eye on the trail of serial killing kidnappers in the thriller based on the novels of Lawrence Block.

Watch the trailer for Tak3n below.