Lily Collins speaks out on Netflix drama ‘To The Bone’ amid calls for it to be banned

The film is accused of "stigmatising" anorexia

Lily Collins has spoken about how her own experiences with an eating disorder shaped new Netflix film To The Bone, amid accusations that the film is ‘stigmatising’ anorexia.

The film, which follows Collins’ character as she battles anorexia, has received a huge backlash since it was released on the streaming service – with a petition to ban it receiving hundreds of signatures online.

But Collins has now opened up on how she was writing her book, Unfiltered, only a week before filming, and recalled how she documented her own struggles in it.

“Ironically, I had been writing my book, Unfiltered, before I got this script, and I wrote my chapter on my experience with eating disorders a week before I got this script. That, for me, was one of those moments when I think the world is giving you something, and either you take it or run with it, or you don’t”, she told Collider.

” This was something that I needed to talk about and bring to the attention of more people and go through for myself. When I read it, it struck me as such an important subject matter to bring to the attention of people. It is still considered quite taboo to talk about, and yet it’s becoming more and more prevalent within today’s society, and not just with women. If not now, when?”

Despite receiving a string of positive reviews, the film has received a less than glowing reaction from mental health activists who claim that it goes against guidance set out for the portrayal of anorexia on screen – including shots of protruding bones and emaciated bodies.