“It makes them look weak”: Lindsay Lohan speaks out against #MeToo

"By women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong".

Lindsay Lohan has controversially voiced her opposition to the #MeToo movement, claiming that women are made to look ‘weak’ by sharing their stories of sexual abuse.

The movement initially came to the fore last year after the alleged sex crimes of Harvey Weinstein prompted women across the globe to bravely share their own harrowing experiences.

But while supporters of the movement say that it offers solidarity with victims, it seems that the 32-year-old actress isn’t so sure.


Speaking to The Times about #MeToo, she explained: “I don’t really have anything to say. I can’t speak on something I didn’t live, right? Look, I am very supportive of women. Everyone goes through their own experiences in their own ways.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

“If it happens at that moment, you discuss it at that moment. You make it a real thing by making it a police report. ‘I’m going to really hate myself for saying this, but I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong women.”

She also claimed that the movement had been manipulated by attention seekers.

“You have these girls who come out, who don’t even know who they are, who do it for the attention. That is taking away from the fact that it happened”, Lohan explained.

Last year, Lohan also proved to be an unlikely defender of Harvey Weinstein after he initially faced a slew of sexual assault allegations.


“Hi, this is Lindsay Lohan, I’m in Dubai. I’m home,” she said in an Instagram video.

“I feel very bad for Harvey Weinstein right now. I don’t think it’s right what’s going on. He’s never harmed me or did anything to me. We’ve done several movies together. I think everyone needs to stop. I think it’s wrong. So, stand up.”



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