It looks like we’re one huge step closer to a re-boot of ‘The Crow’

With Sony now on board - could it be coming soon?

A new re-boot of cult classic movie ‘The Crow’ now seems to be one huge step closer to becoming a reality, with a major studio now reportedly on board to release it.

The film has been in discussion for quite some time, with it most recently reported that ‘Justice League’ actor Jason Momoa, director Corin Hardy and producer Ed Pressman had all met to secure progress on the movie. Pressman was involved in the 1994 original, and it was reported that they’d taken the project to Relativity Media.

Now, Variety reports that Sony have signed up to take on the distribution rights to ‘The Crow Reborn’.  This has sparked speculation that the movie could enter production in the coming months.


‘The Crow Reborn’ is set to be an origin story in relation to the 1994 original, and stay faithful to the James O’Barr graphic novel. Jack Huston, Norman Reedus, Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston are among the actors linked to playing the lead role over the years.

Telling the story of a murdered rock star who is resurrected in order to hunt down his killers, ‘The Crow’ inspired the sequel ‘The Crow: City Of Angels’ in 1996, starring Vincent Perez as the lead character Eric Draven.

The son of martial arts and film legend Bruce Lee and teacher Linda Lee Cadwell, the original film’s lead Brandon Lee died on set while filming ‘The Crow’ in 1993, due to an accident with a prop gun. The film was completed posthumously with body doubles and special effects.

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