‘Love Actually’ script editor confirms fate of Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s troubled couple

Rickman's character cheats on his wife, played by Thompson, in Richard Curtis's classic romcom

Love Actually‘s script editor has confirmed that Harry and Karen, the troubled couple played by Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson in the classic Christmas romcom, remain together at the end of the film.

In the perennially popular 2003 film written and directed by Richard Curtis, Emma Thompson’s Karen realises that her husband is seeing another woman when he gives her a Joni Mitchell CD as a Christmas present instead of the expensive necklace she previously found in his coat pocket.

Karen then confronts her husband about the affair, but their storyline ends ambiguously with Karen greeting her husband at the airport upon his return from a trip and saying “Good to have you back”, without much enthusiasm.

Curtis’ partner Emma Freud, who served as script editor on the film, live-tweeted a special midnight screening of Love Actually that the couple attended with their family over the weekend, and answered a few questions from fans in the process.

When a follower asked, “Can u please explain outcome for Emma and Alan’s characters or must I remain eternally confused? I never did work that one out!”, Freud replied: “They stay together but home isn’t as happy as it once was.”

She also confirmed that Rickman’s character had a fully-fledged affair with the other woman, his secretary Mia played by German actress Heike Makatsch, as opposed to a mere “flirtation”.

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