‘Luke Cage’ viewers angered as Netflix crashes the day after new Marvel show launches

Streaming service went down for several hours on Saturday (October 1)

Some viewers reacted angrily yesterday when Netflix went down for several hours as they were trying to binge-watch its latest Marvel series.

Luke Cage, the third in the streaming service’s inter-connected set of Marvel shows following Daredevil and Jessica Jones, debuted in full on Friday (September 30).

However, just one day later, the streaming service crashed and was not brought back for nearly three hours. While fans waited for the service to resume, Netflix posted on Twitter: “We are aware of streaming issues and we are working quickly to solve them.”

However, this didn’t stop disgruntled viewers from expressing their disappointment on social media, some with more humour than others. “Netflix has been down for about 5 minutes and I’ve already had 2 breakdowns in result of it #sendhelp #netflix,” one tweeted.

Another tweeted: “Netflix going down is like some earthquake preparedness drill #creatureComforts #spoiled”. Check out a selection of their tweets below.


At the time of writing, Netflix has not revealed what caused its streaming service to crash yesterday. As of this July, the company reports that it has accumulated over 83 million paid subscribers worldwide, more than 47 million of whom are in the US.