Lykke Li appears in new Swedish crime drama ‘Tommy’ – watch

'Wounded Rhymes' singer stars in Tarik Saleh film to be released in March

Lykke Li has made her acting debut in new Swedish crime drama Tommy, which will be released in March.

The singer, whose second album ‘Wounded Rhymes’ was released in 2011, has a leading role in the film directed by Tarik Saleh, who has directed a number of Li’s videos in the past. You can watch the trailer below, and see a number of stills from the filming on Li’s Instagram account here.

The film, which comes with the tagline “Wife. Mother. Gangster” is about a woman, Estelle, living on the run after her small-time gangster husband is involved in “one of the biggest robberies in Swedish criminal history”. She wants her share of the loot to start a new life with her daughter and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Saleh, who was born in Stockholm, began his career as one of his home country’s most notorious graffiti artists, with a mural he painted in 1989 now protected by the Swedish state as a piece of cultural heritage. He moved into art direction in magazines, before branching out into film, directing documentaries about Che Guevara and Guantanamo Bay. His 2009 animated film Metropia featured the voices of Vincent Gallo, Juliette Lewis and father and son Stellan and Alexander Skarsgard.

Lykke Li’s music has appeared on a number of film soundtracks, most recently ‘I Follow Rivers – The Magicians Remix’, which can be heard in Blue Is The Warmest Colour. Saleh directed videos for Li’s singles ‘I Follow Rivers’ and ‘Sadness Is A Blessing’.