Macaulay Culkin live tweeted the Oscars and it was brilliantly cynical

"Please be Boss Baby"...

Macaulay Culkin provided his own live take on the Oscars last night, and it was a world away from the constant fawning over Hollywood’s powerful elite.

Instead, the Home Alone star provided a brilliantly cynical take on the whole thing, posting a series of pithy tweets and photos of the things that he claimed to be doing instead of watching the ceremony.

Near the start of the night, it transpired that he’s quite the fan of The Boss Baby, after it became the least likely nominee for Best Animated Film.


He later showed off some impressive guitar skills, as well as playing with a doll of himself.

But among the weirdness, there was also some sharp takes on the sexual misconduct scandal that has engulfed Hollywood, with Culkin cutting Casey Affleck down to size in brilliant fashion.


“Casey Affleck couldn’t make it cause he was stuck in the 1950s”, he wrote.

As for James Franco, he’s a “disaster”.

And while various barbs about Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Day Lewis soon followed, it was his final message of the night that proved to be his greatest.

As The Shape Of Water picked up the Best Picture award, he offered: “Water takes the shape of whatever container it is in, this entire movie is horse shit. ”

Maybe he’s got a point.

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