Macaulay Culkin presents troubled version of ‘Home Alone’ character as he revisits Kevin McCallister – watch

Culkin appears in new web series ':DRYVRS'

Macaulay Culkin appears to repise his Home Alone character Kevin Kevin McCallister in the first episode of new web series :DRYVRS

Though not referenced by name, Culkin plays a driver who is severely affected by a home invasion and being abandoned as a child.

:DRYVRS was written and created by Jack Dishel who also plays guitar in The Moldy Peaches. The series sees Dishel star in every episode with guest stars playing the different drivers of an unnamed Uber-style taxi service.

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Watch the episode featuring Macaulay Culkin below:

In recent years Macaulay Culkin has focused his attention on The Pizza Underground, his pizza themed Velvet Underground covers band.

In November 2013, The Pizza Underground played the anti-folk open mic night at the Sidewalk Cafe in New York using a pizza box as a percussion instrument. The band were threatened with violence by rival pizza-based band Personal & The Pizzas who formed in 2010 and released the ‘Raw Pie’ cassette on Burger Records in the same year. Speaking in 2013, frontman Personal claimed he was set to “kill” The Pizza Underground before suing them for stealing his niche.