Watch Macaulay Culkin use ‘Home Alone’-style moves in wrestling match

The crowd led chants of "Home Alone!" and "Culkin!"

Macaulay Culkin made a cameo in a wrestling match this week, interfering to use Home Alone-style tactics reminiscent of his Kevin McCallister character to defeat an opponent.

The former child actor made an appearance during a Bar Wrestling event in Los Angeles, helping a wrestling duo called the Worlds Cutest Tag Team and Dick Justice beat Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and former WWE star Swoggle.

During the bout, Culkin threw a bucket of balls into the ring, causing Avalon and Rosas to slip and fall over. He then tied the bucket to a piece of string and hit Swoggle with it. Both moves were references to his much-loved Home Alone films.


The crowd greeted Culkin’s interference with chants of “Home Alone!” and “Culkin!”.

Reports suggest that the cameo was “filmed for a new YouTube series Macauley is planning to launch soon”.

Watch footage beneath.

It’s not the first time Culkin has made a cameo in wrestling. In 2009, he appeared on WWE Raw after Chavo Guerrero was hit by a swinging paint can by Swoggle. “That’s not funny,” Culkin is seen telling Guerrero. Watch that clip beneath.


In 2015, Culkin reprised his Home Alone character for a comedy short. In the clip, he played a driver who is severely affected by a home invasion and being abandoned as a child.