‘Mad Max’ fans fund brain surgery for injured ‘Furiosa’ stuntwoman

Dayna Grant was Charlize Theron's stunt double in the 2015 film

Fans of Mad Max: Fury Road have raised over $70,000 (£50,493) for Furiosa stuntwoman Dayna Grant to undergo surgery.

The performer, who doubled Charlize Theron in George Miller’s 2015 film, suffered a head injury while filming an upcoming project and was “experiencing symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury” according to an official crowdfunding page.

Grant was later diagnosed with an “8mm Aneurysm and upper spinal neck injuries,” and surgeons “recommend immediate surgery.” However, Grant’s health insurance “confirmed they are unable to cover the surgery.”


Lucy Lawless, who has a long history of working with Grant on Xena: Warrior PrincessSpartacus and more, took to social media to spearhead a campaign to raise enough money for Grant’s surgery.

“Help me help our dear friend, Xena Stuntwoman, [Dayna Grant] get emergency brain surgery after head injury on set for an upcoming project,” Lawless wrote.

“She has made actresses look cool on horseback and fighting…For every ‘Xena’ fan or ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ fan who donates, I will match you dollar for dollar till we get the job done. This woman deserves all the love.”

The official crowdfunding website reads: “Dayna is not only a world class stunt woman, but a mother of three (her youngest, Ryder is 7) and a pioneer for the arts within her community. She runs a stunt school based in New Zealand and works with youth.

“If you know and love Dayna, have enjoyed her work or shared her training/inspirational workshops please help us get her looked after as soon as possible and with the best care. Let’s get Dayna fixed and on the road to recovery as soon as possible.”


Elsewhere, a 2023 release date was recently set for Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa.

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