‘Madagascar’s Tom McGrath to direct Ben Stiller in ‘Rentaghost’ movie

The writers of 'Night At The Museum' are adapting the BBC children's TV show for the big screen

Tom McGrath is in talks to direct a Rentaghost movie starring Ben Stiller, according to Variety.

The big screen adaptation of the popular BBC children’s series would be McGrath’s live action debut. The director previously helmed the three Madagascar animated movies, each of which starred Stiller in voice roles.

Stiller has been in line to star since last year (2011). The project is being steered by Fox, who acquired the rights from Warner Bros, which had been planning a Rentaghost movie starring Russell Brand.

The film’s screenplay is being written by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, who have scripted several previous movies together, including 2005’s Herbie: Fully Loaded, 2006’s Night At The Museum and 2007’s Balls Of Fury.

The film will be based upon the original BBC children’s TV show, which ran for 58 episodes between 1976 and 1984. It starred the late Anthony Jackson as Fred Mumford, a recently-deceased man who sets up a temporary employment agency for spectres. Christopher Biggins and Coronation Street‘s Sue Nicholls were also regulars on the long-running series.