Madonna: ‘Directing ‘W.E.’ was the hardest I have ever worked’ – video

Watch footage from the film's London Film Festival premiere

Madonna has described directing W.E. as the most hard-working experience of her life.

The pop megastar makes her debut behind the camera with the historical drama, which received its UK premiere at the London Film Festival at the weekend.

And in our video from the event, which you can watch at the top of the page, she revealed that she found the project more challenging than any of her albums, tours or acting roles. Madonna said:

I love writing, directing I also love. The whole process has been extremely inspiring [and] exhausting. I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

W.E. centres around the abdication crisis on the British throne of 1936, when Edward VIII stepped down as King in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, played by Andrea Riseborough. The action is intercut with the story of a modern-day woman whose life mirrors that of Simpson.

James D’Arcy, who plays the King, said of the story: “From as American perspective they just see it as the greatest love story ever that this man was so crazily in love that he would give up the throne to Great Britain. I think that paradox in the middle is why people are still so fascinated by them as a couple.”

Of what people can expect from the film, Madonna added: “I hope they expect romance, and they’ll get it, style, and they’ll get it, and inspiration, and they’ll get it.”

W.E., which has received a mixed response from critics, opens in the UK on January 23 next year.Video