Madonna hires writer for her next film as director

Queen of Pop is set to direct 'Adé: A Love Story' based on the acclaimed novel of the same name

Madonna has hired a writer for her latest film project as director.

Dianne Houston, who is also working on an upcoming biopic of Missy Elliott, has signed on to pen the screenplay for Adé: A Love Story, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The film is an adaptation of Rebecca Walker’s acclaimed novel of the same name, which follows an against-the-odds love story that blossoms between an American college student travelling in Africa and the man she meets on an island off the coast of Kenya. Among the obstacles the couple must overcome are the woman’s contracting of malaria and the civil war that rages around them.

When the novel was published last year, Madonna endorsed it with a cover quote: “Read this book! An incredible journey! A beautiful LOVE story!”

The singer’s agents are now said to be seeking financing for the film.

Madonna has previously directed one full-length feature film, WE, a drama partly inspired by the relationship between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson that opened to poor reviews and disappointing box office receipts in 2011. However, Madonna later won a Golden Globe for Masterpiece, a song she recorded for the film’s soundtrack.